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Our Story

In 2019 just 6 months prior to the pandemic Charlie made a life changing move from Sydneys inner west to Belbora - a peaceful rural community located on the Mid North Coast of NSW. Living a slower, more thoughtful life off grid, and immersed in the beautiful natural surroundings, taking time to appreciate and enjoy the flora and fauna.

In 2021 Charlie was involved in a car accident and needed to resign from her 9-5 job to recover physically and emotionally. Part of the recovery involved doing things slowly, and engaging in activities that provoke happiness. Through this she rediscovered her love of making skin care products. She had been creating skincare items on and off for family and friends since 2013.

In 2023 with the encouragement and support of her partner, she decided to launch Lyredale. Charlie's vision for Lyredale is to create natural, sustainable and ethical skincare products that are good for both the skin and the environment. She draws inspiration from the beautiful natural surroundings of her home in the bush, and using home grown herbs where possible in the products.

Pictured: Charlie with a luffa vine

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