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Support Local 

wherever you maybe

Supporting local businesses in the Barrington Coast region is a significant investment that benefits the entire community. By shopping, dining, and engaging with local businesses, you foster a thriving economy, encourage creativity, and preserve the area's unique identity. Your choices directly impact the livelihoods of local entrepreneurs and artisans while nurturing a sense of community pride and unity.  Whether exploring the coastal towns or venturing into the hinterland, your support makes a lasting impact on the Barrington Coast and its residents, ensuring a vibrant and prosperous future.

#supportlocal where ever you adventure to and know you are helping the community thrive, now that's a great feeling!

Become a stockist today!

Lyredale is currently supported by the following boutiques

Elk & Willow - Gloucester NSW

Gloucester Visitors Information Centre - Gloucester NSW

Greenhouse Collective - Nabiac NSW

Lyredale can be found at the following luxury stays...

Barrington Eco Hut - Barrington NSW

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